We start the process off by mixing hardwood sawdust & some natural supplements like spent coffee grounds or straw or soy hull topped with a generous amount of Oyster mushroom spawn and incubate it under ideal conditions, so when you receive your kit, just cut the top portion of the grow bag below the seal. (Inoculation and Incubation phase)


Step 1) Place your kit on a kitchen worktop and water by spraying the top of the grow bag twice a day with a little water, try not to spray the mushroom heads/pins when they begin to occur. (Hint: The warmer the better, place your grow kit at 16c -20c)


Step 2) (Fruiting phase) Watch the beauty unfold, in  7-14 days (from Step 1), as your Grey Oyster  mushrooms grow. Harvest and enjoy! 


Leave it to rest for 1-2 days and soak overnight and repeat for another couple of crops.



GREY Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit

  • We Guarantee all our kits to produce atleast 1 crop of Oyster Mushrooms (and they usually produce 2-3 harvests when good care is taken). If you have any problems just email us a photo and we'll send you a free replacement.