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Hearty Growers: The Urban Farmers Growing Mushrooms In Belfast

Featured on Best of Belfast Podcast

10-years ago, Terry from Mumbai proposed to Judy from Budapest at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. From there they travelled all over the world, launched a business and moved to Belfast to start a family.

But when the pandemic hit — causing Terry to lose his job — the couple were put in a tricky situation… especially since Judy had just had baby #2.

In today’s episode, we discover the twist of events that led to them turning their garden into a farm, growing mushrooms in the city and launching their hugely successful business Hearty Growers.

Check it out.


  • Favourite Quote: Terry - “There is wisdom in the multitude of counsel.”


This interview is part of our Tough Times, Tougher City mini-series presented in partnership with Belfast City Council featuring five businesses who have started, scaled or pivoted during the pandemic.

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