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Find Hearty Growers at Trademarket, Belfast's Newest Food Market

An exciting new marketplace created from shipping containers has opened on Dublin Road in Belfast. Trademarket puts a significant emphasis on sustainability and in their efforts to be sustainable, they have used the shipping containers you would have seen during the refurbishment of Primark after the Primark fire back in 2018. How great is that!?

Many of you may know this site as the former home to the Movie House Cinema. A place so many of us knew and loved. The rumours were that it would be turned into an office block. Well, the results show that this rumour was false, and the replacement is so much better than we could have thought. A new outdoor market area featuring an amazing variety of local food vendors as well as a clothes store (OutsideIn), a pet supply shop (Barkley & Waggins), and more.

The reason we’re shouting about it so much - apart from the fact that it’s an incredible opportunity for local businesses, many of whom are friends of Hearty Growers - is because you can actually try out our delicious mushrooms at some of the food vendors.

The guys at Rebel & Ruse - a new Belfast-based food spot serving up some modern BBQ-style goods - have created a delicious Oyster Mushroom Bap. The bap is so soft, the mushrooms have a beautiful, meaty texture, and the flavours are amazing. Definitely worth checking out!

The Bodega Bagels team - one of our lovely neighbours at Banana Block Belfast - are serving up a delicious vegan special in the style of a kimchi mushroom melt. How good does that sound!? We didn’t get trying this one as the team started slinging out bagels at 3 pm and were sold out by 4 pm. Absolutely amazing for them, not so great for us. But we will just have to make the trip back to make sure we get our hands on the spicy, gooey delicious goods!

We are so thankful to these local businesses for trusting how good our products are, to use them on their menus. You may even see us popping up on some more menus in the near future so keep your eyes peeled!

Below you will find the local food vendors that you’ll be able to try out at Trademarket Belfast.

  • Rebel & Ruse: delicious, modern BBQ-style food.

  • Bodega Bagels: NYC-style filled bagels.

  • Pi Guy: Neapolitan-style pizzas that you won’t want to miss.

  • Hey Chick: for fried chicken lovers (even our vegan friends with their incredible alternatives).

  • KUBO: Bringing a taste of the Philippines to Belfast.

  • Pipián: Mexican-style food brought to you by the team at Freight.

  • Moon Gelato: Italian-style ice cream handmade in Belfast.

  • Pie Queen: where really (really) good pie reigns supreme.

  • Brew & Yaki: Taiwanese Boba, Obanyaki Wheel Cakes & Mochi

  • Bethany Fruitmarket: high-quality, fresh fruit and vegetables.

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