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Our Story

We are circular and sustainable. 100% of our mushroom compost is shared with our surrounding community neighbors, customers, schools, community gardens 

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A fresh start

There is an endless amount of entrepreneurial start-up stories that have arisen during the Covid pandemic. 

Hearty Growers is a result of Terry being furloughed for 9 months as a luxury cruise-holiday consultant. With no former farming background, Terry volunteered for a season with Biruk, his Ethiopian friend who ran Hahu Organics, an organic market garden at The Walled Garden, Helens Bay.

The leap of faith

After picking up the basics of organic market gardening, a bit of permaculture, and vermiculture, Terry began to research on growing oyster mushrooms from home, which later turned into a full-blown indoor vertical mushroom farm in one of their spare rooms at home.

By December 202o, Terry was made redundant and Hearty Growers was born, Terry and Judy took a leap of faith, along with some fantastic start-up support from Belfast City Council, and signed a commercial lease with Portview Trade centre in January 2021.


Supplying some mush love

Hearty Growers are on the menus of top restaurants around Belfast and beyond like Waterman, Wine and Brine Moira, Fitzwilliam Hotel, Established coffee, Santeria, Barebun (plant-based) and food vendors like Rebel & Ruse, Bodega Bagels and Kubo.

Urban Farm Kitchen

Besides cultivating gourmet mushrooms and mushroom grow kits we now serve delicious gourmet mushroom pies and rolls with mushroom based teas and low-alcohol mushroom beers by Fungtn 

Look out for our range of dried mushroom products i.e Shiitake Seasoning, Piopinno Vinegar, Smoked Oyster mushroom Hot Sauce and a lot more.

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